Urban Snow Marble

Urban Snow Marble

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Series Color: Urban Snow
Edge Finish: Modern
Nominal Size: 12 x 24 
Nominal Thickness: 2 In 
Color: White
Material: Marble
Finish: Sandblasted & Brushed
Variation: Medium
Weight: 1 Piece = 55 Pounds

Sold by the piece. Also available in 16x24 Double Modern.

PLEASE READ: Customer acknowledges and confirms that stone products are subject to variations in color, shade, size and tint and may not be identical or similar to any samples, images, or depictions of the same stone products Customer utilized or referenced in customer’s purchase from Ontario Pool Tile, Inc. ("OPT"). There are no exchanges or refunds of any kind in the event the products delivered to Customer deviate or are a different color, shade, or tint than Customer intended, desired, or expected. Stone products naturally develops small holes or intrusions over time and that such naturally occurring aspects do not constitute and are not considered a defect or other imperfection that provide a basis or right for any claim or demand for refund, exchange, or other corrective action against OPT. OPT is not responsible for and shall have no liability of any kind regarding any aspect, damage, defect, or element related to the delivery of the products to the job site or the installation of any products. Customer acknowledges that it is solely responsible for the selection of its third-party installation company and any separate delivery company (where applicable) and that any claims or issues related to or involving the delivery and/or installation of the products must be directed exclusively to such third-party installation company and/or delivery company. OPT is not responsible in any manner for any damaged or altered products that are delivered and/or installed by the installation company and Customer understands that the installation company is responsible for inspecting the products prior to installation. Any damaged or altered products installed are not eligible for any replacement or refund by OPT. Customer understands and acknowledges that the products selected by Customer may become slippery when the product is wet or moisture accumulates on the surface of the product. Following installation of the products, OPT shall have no liability or obligation of any kind related to or involving any aspects, features, or conditions of the products. Product installation or alteration constitutes acceptance of the product.