TEC AccuColor Sanded Grout

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TEC AccuColor Sanded Grout
  • Sold in 25 lb bag
  • Each bag will grout between 50 to 60 square feet of Pool Tile. 1x1 tiles will take more grout then 6x6 tiles.
  • Sample grout chips are available to show a better color example.
Premium polymer-enhanced AccuColor sanded cement grout provides highly wear-resistant, color consistent tile joints from 1/8" to 1/2" wide in residential to extra heavy commercial applications.
Use sanded grout primarily for floor tile applications, or for walls and countertops with wider joints. Excellent performance in virtually any environment, including high traffic or wet conditions.
All AccuColor brand grouts chemically control the curing process to help ensure that grouts are evenly colored. The result is rich, uniform pigmentation and strong, smooth joints.
Mixed with water, AccuColor sanded grouts meet ANSI A118.6 Specifications for Commercial Cement Grout