Luna Fire Bowl - Copper

Luna Fire Bowl - Copper

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Dimensions Base Diameter Height  Burner Size BTU'S
24" 8.5" 10.5" 8" 60K


Manufacturer:  Premium Features 

Includes:  Vessel - Hammered Copper, Lava rock (glass is upgrade), 8” stainless steel ring burner, stainless steel plate (with holes for drainage).

 For outdoor ventilated area use only. Must be used with Natural Gas only. 

Ignition: Match light ignition only. 

Other Details: 3" Round hole on bottom, 12 Guage Hammered Copper

Origin: Vessel (Mexico), Burner (China).  

Maintenance: For the copper fire bowls, if they are splashed with the pool water and its chemicals blue and green spots may appear. This process is know as patina and its a natural process that occurs. The bowls come pre-waxed however after time it's recommended for them to be sprayed with Copper Sink Care Wax so the

Usage Period: Please call for more information.  

Warning:  After slight use, the WHOLE unit will heat up so its important that it's away from areas where it can be easily touched.