Ordering Samples Online


Step 1

Under "Additional Items" on the Home Page, click  "Order Samples" or click on the "Samples" top menu button.


Step 2

Select any of the different combination packages available. Then determine the amount of sets you would like and add to cart.


Step 3

Once added to the cart, browse the tiles or stones on the Products/Colections page. Select a product you would like. Under "Click Below To Order Sample" select "Sample" and add to cart.


Step 4

Once your selections are added to the cart, checkout and fill in your information.

Finally, your samples will be sent in the mail and delivered directly to you.


**Note: Depending on which Sample Package you chose, you will receive the item quantities stated in the package contents only. Nothing more, nothing less. If more samples are chosen than paid for, only the items at the top of the list will get shipped. Please change the quantity of the sample package you have chosen in the cart.